'The Ascension of Diogenes' is a painting by the artist Joe Stoneman, and is meticulously painted in the style of Lenkiewicz.

It is a tribute to the infamous former vagrant, 'Diogenes' (real name, Edwin MacKenzie) who bequeathed his body to Robert in

order to be enbalmed and kept in Robert's studio. The scene depicts the enbalmed body of diogenes, laying in a coffin.

Smoke rises from his pipe, and written in the smoke are some of the quotes that were said by Diogenes during his life, such

as: "If anybody looks ahead, nine times out of ten, they snuffs it", and "You can look backwards but you can't look forwards",

and "I knows I'm a bloody fool, and there's some bloody fools don't know it". He rises up to heaven, surrouned by some of

his fellow dossers, including 'The Bishop' (real name, Albert Fisher) who is also depicted, bottom left, lying in a churchyard

at night while having some kind of epiphany/hallucination - an event which happened to him in real life.


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